Team Information

  • Designation: Managing Director
  • Speciality: Strategy formulation, recapitalization and operations management.
  • Address: 43 Paisley Crescent, Famona, Bulawayo
  • Country: Zimbabwe
  • Phone: +263 715 747 261
  • Email:

Kuda Mugabe is a Chartered Accountant whose career started when he graduated from Cape Town with a B.Com Accounting degree and furthered his studies at Monash University in Johannesburg. Prior to joining Geo-Industrial SA, he has been with organizations such as Ernst and Young Johannesburg, Deloitte South Africa, DSK Group, Circle way Trading South Africa, and Grant Thornton Zimbabwe.

He has over 8 years of experience in various industries and sectors and organisations through judicial management, forensic investigations, corporate restructuring, corporate finance and audit engagement. He has been involved in various industries such as mining & processing, grain management & distribution, refineries and processing plants, information technology, electrical and electronic engineering contracting. Key responsibilities spanned from strategy formulation, recapitalization and operations management.