LGS technology works very well in multi-apartment and multi-storey buildings. The use of pre-assembled components allows very efficient use of resources.

Significantly lower construction costs

LGS has a very favourable price/quality ratio with a consequent high return on investment. Ease of assembly allows for a significant reduction in labor costs.

Efficient & Ecology – No wastage

Thanks to LGS, the manufactured elements meet the exact requirements. There is no need for on-site adjustments. This means more work efficiency and less waste.

Durability & Security

The use of high-quality steel allows the construction of large facilities without worrying about durability. Additional benefits are the non-flammability of the structure, resistance to moisture and pests.

Sample Works

Here is an example of a completed project of a warehouse building with an office part. Made in LGS technology.

A stair project for one of our clients. Thanks to the use of LGS, we were able to adjust exactly to the dimensions of the staircase.